What Did I Like?

To start with the fact that all Aadiva products are pure and natural, then the fact that they mainly employ women from lower income groups and that all the ingredients come from sustainable, local sources. Since all these factors contribute to making a range of products very attractive, the bonus is that they are actually very good for skin and hair. Aadiva started out as a production unit for a leading brand of beauty care products and as they started their own production, Aadiva developed an entire range of exclusive products of their own. From bathing bars to face packs, shampoos and scrubs, all made with ayurvedic principles and all made with natural ingredients. So far I’ve loved the Himalayan Rose range the most, especially the premium bathing bar and for an instant glow I’d recommend the scrubs made with walnuts from Kashmir.

What Could Be Better?

Bigger sizes of the shampoo and conditioner range would be great! Though to be fair, they’ve been supplying to boutique hotels and resorts so it made sense to keep the bottle size, small.

What’s My Pro Tip?

Try one range at a time so see which you like the best, since its all natural, they’re great for all skin types, but by trying a different range every time you buy, you can zero in one the aroma you enjoy the most. Choose from Indian Lotus, Earthy Musk, Jasmine bouquet, Ruh Khus, Arabic Oudh, Neem Tulsi (great for sensitive skin), Sandwalwood Saffron and Coconut Milk Honey.
Anything Else?
Aadiva also has a selection of pure essential oils which work very well when mixed with neutral oils for hair and body massage. You can also choose from Carrier oils which are cold pressed to retain the highest nutrient content. Carrier oils are better for dilution with other base oils, try the Arabic Oudh with pure olive oil for a soothing head and neck massage!

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