Our Story

It all started in 2007 curious family of the Bali’s dreamt of concocting their ancestral treasure chest of skin care home remedies and Mr. Deepak Bali’s knowledge pool as an Ayurveda follower and Chemistry student.

The duo build timeless and flawless formulations with heritage and research. The yesteryear veteran ladies of Bali Family shied first but then boldly opened their huge metal chests to pull out withering, pale papers to translate their inherited recipes of over a century. Deepak would sit with them for hours to hear and write translations of unheard regional languages of Sindh, Pakistan, Burma and Punjab.

5000 years old ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, blended with modern skin-friendly natural ingredients, our products ignite the sensation of Purity and Aesthetics transforming fashionable skin care into your Lifestyle.

Rampant through the villages of Doon Valley to Shivalik range, we matured for a decade before second generation feminist Aanchal flew it to Nouvelle Aadiva.