Ojaswi Ubtan


Ojaswi Ubtan Cleanser and Polisher

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Ojaswi Ubtan-: this ubtan is made from oat flour, wheat germ powder, saffron and for exfoliation we use crushed almonds meal. It has active natural ingredients like fenugreek, orange peel powder and turmeric powder. It is excellent for tan removal.

Directions for use:

Either mix this with rose water for glow or with raw milk to enhance the tan removing properties. Once it is semi dry rub it clock wise and anti clock wise apart from tan removal it also removes dry dead skin layer, very small facial hair and its 100% natural so even teenage girls can use it. It can be used on face as well as body.

  • Not recommended for acne prone skin.
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    Dimensions 6.3 × 20.30 cm

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